AVA Coffee Group

AVA - coffee group and the largest private roaster & coffee importer to Israel, leads the local coffee culture for more than 70 years, with superb premium coffee which arrives  from a dozen countries. AVA markets and distributes coffee products, accessories, unique tea infusions and professional espresso machines. AVA's private coffee and tea brands are known for years as the preferred choice among coffee chains, local cafe's, restaurants and now also private consumers.

Our long lasting tradition derives from a unique philosophy combined with desire to the taste and pleasure in coffee, assure the making of only the best coffee  blends for the large coffee chains as well as for the private consumer. AVA offers a large selection of special kinds of coffee including organic coffee, flavored coffee, dates coffee, plantation gourmet coffee, private label and a vast variety of complementary products.

Since it was established in 1941, AVA is committed to bring you quality coffee without compromising, in great tastes and surprising blends, together with around the clock customer service and support system. Our great knowledge and experience allow us to choose the coffee beans in the most precise manner, and create you a perfect harmony of scents and tastes every single time.

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Superior Coffee

Tradition and innovation are fundamental features of our values, allowing us to set new standards in the coffee culture in Israel. With 30 varieties of coffee and blends, 15 varieties of flavored coffees, eight kinds of rare plantation gourmet coffee from around the world,  20 types of self-roasted green coffee (iRoast) and more.

All that's left for you is just to choose what kind of coffee you want to drink yourself or offer your customers: Kopi Luwak from Indonesia, Jamaica Blue Mountain and the Puerto Rican Yauko Selecto, are just some of the premium types of coffee we import.


Alongside these well-known brands, our coffee experts have been creating for years unique coffee blends exclusivity granted to AVA, made out of a desire to please the palate, coming from five selected growth areas in the world.